Hi there!  


Please feel free to call me Regi as most of my friends do.  I've often been told that my photo's look better than real life and I think the primary reason this may be is that life happens so fast we can't appreciate all its details.  This is why I love photography.  Each captured moment brings new reason to pause, reflect, appreciate, and admire.  My passion has always been nature photography, in which I see God's artistry like no where else, but I love creating memories for people as well.  In fact, the majority of my friends have been in front of my camera lens at one point or another.  


Photography, as wonderful a creative medium as it is, is only something I do part time.  I am an anesthesiologist/critical care doctor and absolutely love caring for people in this sunshiny Northern California community.   That being said, I do enjoy my free time immensly, especially when I can devote some of that time to capturing snaptshots of the world around me.